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Join us for a special weekend honoring the age-old wisdom of plant medicine featuring Rosemary Gladstar, Guido Masé, David Winston, Tammi Sweet, and more!

We know many of you have been looking forward to coming together to share and learn herbal and plant wisdom in community.

This online event will provide an exciting new forum where plant wisdom can be shared and where you can connect with like-minded folks. Together we’re building a community to steward land and support each other in health and learning.

Going live in...


Meet and Learn from 15 Expert

The virtual conference is set up to help you connect with instructors and attendees. There are 15 speakers at this event who will be engaging in the platform, answering questions, giving presentations, and participating in lunch-time breakout sessions. Browse the schedule in advance to preview the presenters and classes.

Follow Your Favorite Topics or Switch It Up

All the sessions are organized around Tracks. This allows you to choose a focus for the weekend. By choosing a track you can go deep on a topic and connect with other participants in small networking discussions focused on that track.

Tracks are optional so you may also design your own schedule.

Choose Sessions that will Transform Your Connection with Plant Medicine

We absolutely love our annual symposium so we’re making the most of the online platform to create an amazing experience.

Since all the sessions are happening online, you can hop in to watch a specific class on your schedule. If your chosen class isn’t exactly what you need at the moment, you can easily switch to another class.

See New and Old Friends

We’re going beyond a typical Zoom meeting and bringing the conference into an online venue. You will be able to set up your profile and start connecting with people before the opening event happens.

This event is actually launching a new private social network for BotanicWise, so the connections you make at Allies for Plants & People Symposium can continue beyond the conference. Conversations and connections that happen at the conference can continue after the event, and you can even connect with people around shared interests, location, and profession.

Access the Recordings for a Full Year with an Extended Access Pass

We know you’ll want to come back to these classes over and over again. With the optional Extended Pass, you’ll have access to professionally produced recordings of live sessions and so much more. If you can’t make it to an event, the recording (and ongoing conversation) will be available for you on your schedule!

Learn how to identify, prepare, use and grow botanicals for yourself, your family or to help others on their healing path.

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