Optimal Health

An online program addressing food intolerances as an essential life skill with clinical herbalist Paul Bergner

What's Inside this Program?

This 6-week program describes in great detail current scientific concepts of digestion, immunity, and autoimmunity to explain the “dotted line” between an immunological response to food peptides in the gut, and systemic manifestations of disease.

You will learn assessment methods, with an emphasis on interview and examination skills rather than on unreliable and expensive laboratory antibody testing. A complete review of lifestyle factors, nutrition, herbal materia medica, and formulation strategies for inflammation and Leaky Gut Syndrome are included. This course prepares you with the complete skill set to assess and coach a client, or yourself, through removal of an offending food.

The course material was developed over a period of more than 25 years, and delivered in various formats to hundreds of advanced students of herbalism, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine as part of their pre-clinical training. These methods have been finely tuned in several multi-faculty teaching clinics continuously between 1995 and the present. Foods in the diet which evoke an immunological inflammatory response are nearly universal in modern chronic disease, and removal can in many cases cause symptoms of even some serious diseases to fall away. Cases presented will include congestive heart failure, panic disorder, systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, severe eczema, systemic lymphadenopathy, and a dozen more physical and mental disorders which were cured or greatly improved with removal and strict avoidance of an offending food.

After completion of the course, you will have an opportunity at the start of the new year to engage in a supervised food withdrawal.

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Food for Optimal Health

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