Women's Herbal Conference Teachers
The following amazing teachers are confirmed for the 2019 Women's Herbal Conference.
Dr. Rosita Arvigo
Dr. Rosita Arvigo DN, a native of Chicago, is a naprapathic physician, herbalist, international lecturer and author of several books. She has lived in remote areas of Mexico and Belize for over forty years where she studied with many traditional healers. She founded Ix Chel Tropical Research Centre in Belize, an organization dedicated to the preservation and study of medicinal plants of Belize. She founded the Belize Association of Traditional Healers, Bush Medicine Camp for children, The Rainforest Medicine Trail and Rainforest Remedies, an herbal concentrate company. In 1987 she and her husband founded the Belize Ethnobotany project with Dr. Michael Balick of the New York Botanical Garden. She is the founder of The Arvigo Institute that trains practitioners in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Maya Spiritual Healing. Now retired from clinical practice, Rosita divides her time between teaching in Belize, Mexico and the United States.
Naren Udgan
Naren Udgan was born and raised in the Ordos region of Inner Mongolia, and spent her early years living with her grandmother, a highly respected midwife, healer, and herbalist in the region. Naren founded the Tolin Center for Healing & Tengrism Studies to introduce people to Mongolian shamanism, or Tengrism, and to encourage shared knowledge and dialogue between shamans from all over the world, as well as to connect myriad healing traditions and practices. Naren does shamanic healing, reiki energy healing, and chakra healing, and is a certified ayurvedic nutritionist and detox specialist.
Deb Soule
Deb Soule is an herbalist, gardener, teacher and author of The Woman's Handbook of Healing Herbs and How to Move Like a Gardener. Deb began organic gardening and studying the medicinal uses of herbs at age 16 alongside the internationally known medical herbalist Mary Bove. Deb's faith in the healing qualities of plants includes a desire to make organic herbs easily accessible to women and families living in rural areas. In a small 8 by 10 foot room in her house, Deb began preparing various herbal remedies. In the fall of 1985, with her first mail order catalog and a small selection of herbal extracts and teas, Deb launched Avena Botanicals.
Rocio Alarcón
Rocio Alarcón is renowned and beloved world wide for her caring, loving and passionate approach to people, plants and nature. An Ethnopharmacologist, ethnobotanist, shamanic practitioner and extraordinary teacher and healer, Rocio has spent over 30 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain. Born in Quito, Ecuador at the feet of the Pichincha Volcano she has participated in the practice of shamanic activities since childhood. This shamanic knowledge is part of her family's cultural heritage. She uses plants and shamanic practices for the benefit of society, focussing on the special relationship of people with curandero (shamanic) plants, as well as plants that are food and medicine and that allow a healing process.
Amanda David
Amanda David is a community herbalist, the mother of three amazing children, and the creator of Rootwork Herbals, The People’s Medicine School and The Bramble Collective. She tends plants and people growing gardens, handcrafting remedies, offering consultations and teaching. Her approach to herbalism is based in the folkways, on building intimate relationships with the plants that grow nearby in order to bring herbal medicine and home healthcare to the people. In doing this, she sees herbalism as a means to support life and thus resist against oppressive systems, which undermine health. Above all, Amanda is a lover of plants and a lover of people and is passionate about bringing them together in a down to earth, joyful and accessible way that promotes personal and planetary healing.
Jenn Allen
Jenn Allen is a sacred beekeeper, herbalist and botanical aromatic artist who enjoys the intersection between plant medicine, folklore, myth, and personal expression. Jenn teaches locally in the Poconos at her home studio and has been a presenter at national conferences like the New England Womens Herbal Conference and the Midatlantic Womens Herbal Conference. Jenn's goal in teaching is to to help others learn how to create healing remedies and plant-based fragrance that ties directly into their unique personal mythology.
Liz Henke
Liz Henke is a community herbalist and artisan based in Charlottesville, VA. Her focus is on creating, building, and facilitating a healing environment for women. Liz is always excited to share her passion for herbs and enthusiasm for women’s health with the community. She is the herbalist and owner of Dreamseed Apothecary.
Amanda Dilday
Amanda Dilday is a wife, mother, writer, and herbalist. Her roots are in the Appalachian Mountains. Her home rests in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her heart has ever and always been turned towards the care and comfort of women, finding its deepest expression in her book, Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine and Sexual Trauma. Amanda serves her community by listening, gathering, and offering herbal classes and consultations.
For her book and offerings, visit: www.alchemillas.com
Suzanna Stone
Suzanna is an herbalist in Scottsville VA. She founded Owlcraft Healing Ways, an outdoor herb school, where she offers clinical herbal consultations and teaches nine-month herbal apprenticeships and day classes in herbal medicine, traditional foodways, and plant spirit medicine. She was raised in a home where herbs and whole foods were the foundations of health and has spent the last 18 years broadening that foundation and deepening her knowledge and understanding of the healing herbs. She teaches at herb schools and conferences throughout the country and is a co-founder of The Gaia Gathering for Women in Charlottesville, VA. Her passion for the drum led her to Senegal where she studied traditional West African drumming and dancing. Her chants can be found on her CD "Songs from the Spiral". She stewards five acres of plant filled land with her artist/writer partner, their three children and various chickens, goats, cats and the canine herbalist Artemis.
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith, M.S. is a naturopathic consultant and certified yoga instructor with more than ten years of training and experience in herbs, natural supplements, Ayurveda and ancient healing methods. Her intuitive, gentle approach assists the body's natural healing process and helps restore balance and rhythm to mind, body and spirit. She has led several wonderful travel yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Vermont and Italy. She is owner of Healing Earth Studio and Wellness Center in Lenharstville, PA.
Follow Kerry's blog at: www.KerrySmith.org
Rachael Pontillo
Rachael Pontillo is a holistic skincare innovator, author, and educator. She is the bestselling author of the book Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, and co-author of The Sauce Code. She’s a functional nutrition practitioner, AADP and IAHC Board Certified International Health Coach, licensed aesthetician; and natural skincare formulator and educator. She’s the president and co-founder of the Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance, the creator of the popular skincare and healthy lifestyle blog, Holistically Haute™, as well as the much-loved online course, Create Your Skincare. She’s an avid herbalist, skincare ingredient connoisseur, and lifelong learner.
Charis Lindrooth
Charis Lindrooth, D.C. is an herbalist and chiropractor with a busy practice in Pennsylvania. For more than 20 years she has helped her patients working with plant medicine and natural methods to restore well-being on all levels. She believes passionately in sustainable living and integrates “green” methods in every aspect of her practice and life. A teacher at heart, she has offered many workshops and classes locally, online and as a featured teacher at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. She is the founder and organizer of the MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference, an event held in Pennsylvania that supports women in the region interested in sustainable health and living. Carrying the spirit of MidAtlantic Women’s Conference throughout the year, she developed on online forum, GingerJuice, where women can gather, make connections about sustainable health and where learning continues with Charis and many guest teachers.
Follow Charis's blog at: www.CharisLindrooth.com
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