Natural Cardio Care: An Herbalist’s Perspective with Guido Masé


Lessons, Guidance, and Self-Assessments to Transform Your Cardiovascular Health.

Most people aren’t interested in cardiovascular health until they, or someone they know, is facing a heart-related condition.

Emerging science is confirming what folk traditions worldwide have always known, that the heart is a place of connection; it aches, it breaks, it loves, and the path to cardiovascular health (and wellness in general) begins and ends with your heart.

What happens when we shift our perspective in this way?

What happens when we view cardiovascular health through the lens of connection, relationship, and emotion?

What happens when we broaden our approach to include natural remedies, not to replace allopathic treatments, but to complement them as a part of our overall cardiovascular care protocol?

It’s not a trade-off. These approaches work together.

While interventions such as statin drugs or surgery can work for some cases, many others would benefit from a more holistic approach to care – one that nurtures and supports the system instead of only trying to remove a problem.

The herbalist’s perspective sees the cardiovascular system through an ecological lens, identifying underlying vascular issues and treating them with the plants that are best indicated for your personal constitution.

The herbalist’s perspective unlocks immense opportunity to improve your cardiovascular health with safe, complementary, scientifically supported, and traditionally taught herbal remedies.

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